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Genetic and neurodevelopmental spectrum of SYNGAP1-associated intellectual disability and epilepsy

We aimed to delineate the neurodevelopmental spectrum associated with SYNGAP1 mutations and to investigate genotype–phenotype correlations. Methods We sequenced the exome or screened the exons of SYNGAP1 in a total of 251 patients with neurodevelopmental disorders. Molecular and clinical data from patients with SYNGAP1 mutations from other centres were also collected, focusing on developmental aspects […]

Microdeletions of ELP4 Are Associated with Language Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Mental Retardation

Copy-number variations (CNVs) are important in the aetiology of neurodevelopmental disorders and show broad phenotypic manifestations. We compared the presence of small CNVs disrupting the ELP4-PAX6 locus in 4,092 UK individuals with a range of neurodevelopmental conditions, clinically referred for array comparative genomic hybridization, with WTCCC controls (n =4,783). The phenotypic analysis was then extended using the DECIPHER […]

Idiopathic focal epilepsies: the “lost tribe”

The term idiopathic focal epilepsies of childhood (IFE) is not formally recognised by the ILAE in its 2010 revision (Berg et al., 2010), nor are its members and boundaries precisely delineated. The IFEs are amongst the most commonly encountered epilepsy syndromes affecting children. They are fascinating disorders that hold many “treats” for both clinicians and […]

Analysis of rare copy number variation in absence epilepsies

We identified CNVs that are known risk factors for AE in 4 patients, including 3x 15q11.2 deletion. We also expanded the phenotype at 4 regions more commonly identified in other neurodevelopmental disorders: 1p36.33 duplication, 1q21.1 deletion, 22q11.2 duplication, and Xp22.31 deletion and duplication. Fifteen patients (10.5%) were found to carry rare CNVs that disrupt genes […]

A microRNA-328 binding site in PAX6 is associated with centrotemporal spikes of rolandic epilepsy

Rolandic epilepsy is a common genetic focal epilepsy of childhood characterized by centrotemporal sharp waves on electroencephalogram. In previous genome-wide analysis, we had reported linkage of centrotemporal sharp waves to chromosome 11p13, and fine mapping with 44 SNPs identified the ELP4-PAX6 locus in two independent US and Canadian case–control samples. Here, we aimed to find […]

New SMARCA2 Mutation in a Patient With Nicolaides–Baraitser Syndrome and Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy

We report a de novo SMARCA2 missense mutation discovered on exome sequencing in a patient with myoclonic astatic epilepsy, leading to reassessment and identification of Nicolaides–Baraitser syndrome. This de novo SMARCA2 missense mutation c.3721C>G, p.Gln1241Glu is the only reported mutation on exon 26 outside the ATPase domain of SMARCA2 to be associated with Nicolaides–Baraitser syndrome […]

Epilepsy & Genetics Information for Parents

Genetics is the study of genes and inheritance. It studies how parents pass on to their children different characteristics or traits. Every person inherits half of their genes from the mother and the other half from the father. Still, everyone is unique in a variety of traits, such as height, eye color, health or disease. […]

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