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Professor Deb Pal
Head of Laboratory
Deb Pal is Professor of Paediatric Epilepsy at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience. He is an Honorary Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at King’s College Hospital and Evelina London Children’s Hospital.
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Dr. Laura Addis
Lilly Innovation Fellow
Laura is a Lilly Innovation Fellow and works jointly between King’s College London and Eli Lilly researching the genetic causes of childhood epilepsy and their functional consequences.
Dr. Anna Smith
Cognitive Neuropsychologist
Anna is a Cognitive Neuropsychologist with specialist knowledge of reading disorders and other learning disabilities. She is currently working on exploring the heritability and characteristics of neuropsychology in different epilepsies.
Dr. Shan Tang
Clinical Research Fellow
Shan Tang is a paediatric neurologist on a MRC clinical research training fellowship. Her PhD project aims to dissect the phenotype and genetics of Myoclonic astatic epilepsy. Her main research interests lie in neurogenetics, EEG and neuropsychology, and translating these research outputs directly into clinical implications for patients.
Stuart D. W. Smith
Doctoral Research Fellow
Stuart is a PhD candidate researching brain structure and function in Rolandic epilepsy using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), electro-encephalography (EEG) and neuropsychological methodologies.
Rob McDowall
Research Manager
Rob McDowall is the Research Manager for Professor Pal’s research group at King’s College London. He manages several paediatric epilepsy genetics projects in addition to supporting other projects and the team in general.
Sophie Bayley
Laboratory Technician
Sophie provides technical support for research projects in the Childhood Epilepsy Group. She uses molecular techniques to investigate the genetic basis of multiple childhood epilepsies, through the analysis of patient samples.
Savannah Ivy
Research Assistant
Savannah is a research assistant for Professor Pal’s research group at King’s College London. She manages and organizes data, performs DNA extraction and analysis in the lab, and maintains the team website.
Stephanie Oates
Epilepsy Genetic Counsellor
Steph is a specialist Epilepsy Genetic Counsellor. Her work here involves pre and post-test genetic counselling for children and families with Complex Epilepsies, liaising with the other health professionals involved in their care, assisting with audit and improvement of the service and getting involved with relevant research.
Dr. Andrea Praticò
Clinical Research Fellow
Andrea is a Neuro-Paediatrician and a PhD student in Neuroscience at the University of Catania, Italy. He is currently a Visiting Clinical Research Fellow in Professor Pal’s Laboratory.
Dr. Annalisa Colonna
Clinical Research Fellow
Annalisa is a Child and Adolescent Neurologist and Psychiatrist. She has an interest in paediatric epilepsy as well as neurodevelopment and sleep disorders and works on research projects in these areas.
Dr. Richard Rosch
Clinical Research Fellow
Richard is a paediatrician and currently completing a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellowship. He applies computational models to better understand network abnormalities in brain development and specific epilepsy syndromes.
Holly Crudgington
Research Worker
Holly is a research assistant working with the Pal Lab on the CASTLE study and is responsible for the CHOICE work package. This involves reviewing outcomes in childhood epilepsy research and setting up a Delphi survey. She will be involved with advisory panels involving children and adults to produce a core set of outcome measures to use in a later clinical trial. 
Dr Sam Lyle
Family Engagement Officer
Sam is a Family Engagement Officer on the CASTLE programme.

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