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The 4th meeting of the DESIRE-FP7 European consortium took place in the beautiful city of Valletta, the capital of Malta and also named as European Capital of Culture, 2018. About 90 of the top scientists and clinicians working on severe childhood epilepsies came together to discuss progress on their respective projects. Some of the highlights included the identification of epigenetic signatures for different subtypes of focal cortical dysplasia, a malformation of the brain that can lead to drug resistant seizures. We presented our work on epigenetic signatures in ESES (electrical status in slow-wave sleep).

We also heard about progress on a European Dravet registry and experimental models of familial focal epilepsy, doublecortin, TUBA1A, GRIN2A and SCN1A epilepsies. For more information visit www.epilepsydesireproject.eu All recent European FP7 and FP6 programmes will come together in Spring 2018 to lobby the EU to continue funding epilepsy research.

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